Kündig edge and wide belt sanding machines, as well as brushing machines, have proven themselves in almost all production oriented industries. Thanks to our ability to offer completely customized solutions, we have solved countless challenges in the field of surface finishing on almost all materials. Below you will find an overview of the industries in which our machinery can be found.

Aviation / Aerospace

We have realized a variety of projects in the aerospace sector. The machining of lightweight materials, as well as the compliance with low tolerances are key issues in this field. Some examples:

  • Several interior designers of luxurious business and private jets use our sanding technology for processing veneered or high-gloss lacquered honeycomb panels.
  • When it comes to sanding and precision calibrating aircraft brake pads, the extreme requirements regarding passenger safety in particular, which in turn affects the tolerance specifications, are of paramount importance. Furthermore, these are very abrasive materials. To avoid excessive wear on our sanders, we take a number of measures in their design.
  • Various aerospace companies use calibrated foam and insulation materials on our sanding machines. Here, too, strict tolerance requirements are of utmost importance.


In the automotive industry, sanding systems from Kündig have been proving their worth in a wide variety of areas for decades:

  • Calibration of friction linings such as brake discs or pads, but also clutch components. Here, too, the challenges are strict tolerance requirements and the tendency of the material to wear out machine components due to its abrasive properties.
  • Fine sanding of veneer surfaces on various backing materials for use in automotive interiors.
  • Calibrating veneer edges to ensure precise, flush joining of the veneer.
  • The sanding of different insulation materials for noise and heat insulation.


In boat building or outfitting, there are a number of applications where Kündig sanding machines have proven their worth:

  • The requirements for interior fittings on luxury yachts are similar to those for high end interior fittings. However, there are an unusually large number of high-gloss parts in this industry, for which both edges and surfaces are sanded on our wide belt and edge lacquer sanding machines.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation materials are also processed on our sanding machines in boat manufacturing.
  • When sanding the typical teak boat decks, our oblique (diagonal) sanding technology has proven its worth, on the one hand to prevent "smearing" of the weather seals, and on the other hand to achieve a homogeneous sanding pattern on the different grain directions as well as to optimally prepare for moisture-protective surface treatments.


In the production of passenger and freight trains, our machines are used both in interior finishing and in the processing of insulating material. Another area of application is the calibration of track components.

Medical Technology

Equipping medical and dental offices, hospitals, operating rooms and laboratories make the field of medical technology a very broad one. Some realized application examples:

  • Sanding of specially varnished surfaces, which are designed for scratch resistance and hygiene. Field of application: medical and dental practices
  • Calibration of carbon foot prostheses
  • Sanding of stainless steel base plates for the production or storage of vaccinations and laboratory tests.

Sports Equipment

The production of sporting goods is also a very broad field. Some application examples, from realized projects:

  • Contouring of ski and snowboard cores using our CNC sanding technology, which has proven very successful in the industry and can be found at almost every well-known manufacturer of racing skis and snowboards.
  • Sanding of so-called " Schindeln " for the needs of the traditional Swiss sport Hornussen
  • Precision calibration of composite ski running surfaces
  • Precision calibration of foam cores in the production of ice hockey sticks
  • Calibration of rubber sports tracks

Renewable Energy

Some of our sanding machines are in use in the "renewables" sector. For example, our wide belt sanders are used in the production of solar panel components made of carbon fiber.

Musical Instruments

Sanding machines from Kundig can be found in the most diverse areas of instrument manufacturing. The challenges here include the high demands on surface quality, the often small-dimensioned workpieces, and sanding precision with high repeatability so that the sound always remains the same even in serial production. Some examples:

  • Sanding Harp components
  • Contouring of guitar components with our CNC sanding technology.
  • Fine sanding and calibration of veneer and solid wood parts in the production of harmonicas
  • Lacquer sanding on edges and surfaces in the production of top of the line concert grand pianos.

Flooring Production

The production of floors includes many materials and types. Some examples from realized projects:

  • Calibrating, fine sanding, as well as texturing in parquet production
  • Calibration of solid ceiling-floor systems in timber construction
  • Calibration of cork mats as base layer in the parquet industry
  • Calibration of rubber mats in the production of sports tracks

Coffin Production

The work of coffin producers is very similar to furniture manufacturing. Quality requirements are similarly demanding, and throughput rates are often high as well. They also like to work with special components and varnishes, which decompose in the soil without leaving any residues and therefor are ecologically harmless.

Industrial Furniture Production

Sanding machines from Kundig have been proving their worth in the furniture industry for decades. The requirements are as individual as the furniture pieces themselves. Typically, very high throughput rates, feed speeds and machine durability are required, as well as seamless integration into all common control systems.

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