Wood Industry

Kundig builds sanding machines for industrial production facilities. They're often found in high speed roller coating-, spraying- or UV-lines. Many of them are operating in three shift schedules. We deliver top end quality, extremely robust and highly customizable solutions for all kinds of applications and materials.

Finished surfaces in one pass

Industrial sanding is mostly output oriented. Fast conveyor speeds and impeccable sanding quality are requirements that somehow both need to be met. One possible solution is our Kündig Technic Botop series of machines that allows for bottom and top sanding in just one pass.

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Solution oriented

Production oriented requirements are sometimes very specific. Kündig is there to provide custom solutions for specialised applications and materials.

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Laminate and panel industry

HPL production

There are some necessary sanding applications, like roughening of HPL surfaces in order to make gluing possible. Such applications prove to be quite challenging. As well as having a lot of drive power, the machine also has to be very resistant to abrasive sanding dust in order to ensure hassle-free operation for many years. Kündig sanders prove to be just the right tool and are found in production facilities of renowned laminate producers around the world.

Laminate Precision Wide Belt Sanding Machine

Panel production

For calibration of panels a lot of drive power is needed as well as the ability to constantly stay within tolerances across the full length and width of the panels for very extended periods of time without readjusting. The very tight tolerances demanded in plywood production, when calibrating thin veneer sheets, can easily be met using Kündig sanders, even under harsh conditions and in a three shift operation.

▶ Video - Bottom Top Sanding in Panel Production

▶ Video - Bottom Top Planing and Sanding in Coffin Industry

Sander in Panel Production

Parquet industry

In addition to calibrating and lacquer sanding, structuring of surfaces also has great importance to some of our customers. Precision requirements for structuring applications are becoming more and more important as parquet is now commonly installed with surfaces already finished, therefor height differences must be at a minimum. Hence brushing machines need to be as precise as wide belt sanders. Kündig brush units are adjustable and allow for compensation of brush wear that is so common in serial production. In addition to dedicated brushing machines, Kündig offers a variety of brush units that can be added to or integrated into their sanders.

▶ Video - Texturing in Parquet Industry

▶ Video - Bottom Top Sanding of Parquet Top Layers


Furniture industry

Perfect surfaces are becoming a critical selling point in furniture industry - be it oiled timber, veneered parts or exclusive lacquer work. It's the result that counts, combined with performance and reliability that allows for constant and reproducible product quality while keeping the costs competitive. Kündig industrial sanders are being individually fine-tuned to production lines. The composition of units is compiled to customer demands and conforms with the required applications and the environment in which the machine is running.

▶ Video - Lacquer Sander in High Speed UV Line

Furniture Industry Lacquer Wide Belt Sander

Solid timber industry

In solid timber industry, surfaces often serve as a means of improving margins. It's the result that counts, as well as performance and reliability which allow for constantly reproducible product quality while keeping production costs competitive. A lot of costs can be saved if full production steps, like for example the equalising of height offsets in glued laminated timber can be omitted. Kündig industrial sanders are being individually fine tuned to production lines. The composition of units is compiled to customer demands and conforms with the required applications and the environment in which the machine is running.

▶ Video - Bottom-Top Sanding and Planing of large End Grain Butcher Blocks