Six Head heavy Brushing Machine for Parquet Industry

We just shipped out this six-head heavy brushing machine to one of our parquet industry customers. The company already is a happy owner of several KUNDIG sanders and brushing solutions. The machine features an extremely solid design with its six oscillating brush units all sitting in individual machine heads each resting on 4 high precision screw jacks making for a total count of 24 screw jacks! These jacks are used to adjust brush immersion but they also are there to compensate for brush wear of up to 25 mm (1 inch) which means that the brush rollers service life is immense. The machine is built and used for three shift 24/7 operation and is integrated into an industrial production line. It produces stunning distressed finishes on all types of wood thanks to those 300 mm (12 inch) diameter heavy brush rollers which feature either steel or nylon (abralon) bristles. Brush oscillation speed and stroke are both adjustable in order to further modulate the texturing effect. Brush rotation direction can be switched between power cut and climb cut and dust extraction can be changed accordingly. Real time motor load readings tell the operator how adjustments to brush rotation speed, conveyor belt speed, brush immersion depth, etc. affect the textured finish that is created on the work piece. This makes for a very intuitive user experience.


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