Uniq – versatile, robust, precise

Our Uniq series is the full-fledged basis of our product range and shares all the features that have helped the Kündig edge sanding machine gain its reputation as a robust, versatile precision instrument. Part of its extremely solid construction is the oscillating sanding unit, which offers a maximum oscillation range of 90mm/3.5" and the possibility of motorised pivoting between 90 and 45°. All common edge processing operations can be carried out using the four sanding stations of the Uniq edge sander.

Ingenious Design - The Sanding Unit

The heart of all our edge sanding machines is the sanding unit. It offers a whole range of intelligent features. For example, the sanding belt does not oscillate by tilting the belt rollers. Instead, the entire sanding unit moves up and down. The oscillation stroke as well as the oscillation range are simply set by the use of two buttons. Maximum oscillation range is a whopping 90mm/3.5". Thanks to the flexible adjustment and the large oscillation range, sanding belts can be used optimally over their entire width, without any tedious adjustment of the working table height. The oscillation mechanism is driven by a separate motor.


The sanding unit can also be pivoted conveniently by means of a rotary switch. The pivoting mechanism is also driven by its own motor. The unit can be tilted between 90° and 45°. Thanks to the well thought-out mechanism, full oscillation is always available (at any sanding unit angle) and sanding on both sides is possible, even simultaneously. The different table heights of the front and rear sanding station also ensure that the belt is not used at the same height at the same time. Furthermore, the combination of the pivoting mechanism and different table heights ensures that the distance between the sanding unit and the worktable remains minimal at any degree of inclination.


The integrated oil damper system, which acts on the tension roller, ensures that belts remain optimally tensioned even if there are differences in length due to manufacturing tolerances or the effects of moisture. The belt runs over a large-area graphite cloth. In order to reduce the wear on the graphite on the abrasive pad to a minimum, a deflection roller is installed to the left and right of it. The belt can also be changed with ease in seconds.

The four Sanding Stations

1. Sanding Station: „Veneer Station“

The front sanding station is used for precise calibration of materials and functions like a jointer. The infeed fence is moved by means of a rotary handle in order to precisely adjust the stock removal. Important: The fence is not tilted, it is shifted, which means inlet stop, sanding pad and outlet stop are always parallel to each other. Rounding off of workpieces at their edges is therefore impossible. Fine adjustment of the sanding pad for grain compensation or zero setting between the stops and pad is possible via handwheel. The solid worktable is lined with sliding surfaces on this side.


2. Sanding Station „Wood Station“

This station is ideally suited for sanding flat, angled, chamfered or outer rounded workpieces. Here too, the entire sanding unit offers the same pivoting and oscillation range. The belt runs over its entire width along a graphite surface with cooling properties. A rotating fence is also provided on the solid wood side for the production and sanding of mitred work pieces.


3. Sanding Station: „Top Sanding Station“

With the optionally available top sanding station, very fine internal roundings as well as holes in workpieces can be sanded with the bobbin device. The solid aluminium table is quickly mounted and can be attached to the side of the edge sander when not in use. The table has holes for dust removal. As the sanding bobbin is part of the sanding unit, you also benefit from the total oscillation path of up to 90mm. The mandrels can be equipped with sanding bobbins of different diameters: ∅ 25 mm (1.0"), ∅30 mm (1.2"), ∅40 mm (1.6"), ∅45 mm (1.8") x 100 mm (4")


4. Sanding Station: „Drive Roller Station“

On the optionally available folding semi-round table, larger internal curves and curved parts can be precisely sanded on the rubber-coated drive roller. The semicircular table can be folded up in seconds and connected to the dust extraction system. The diameter of the drive roller is 90 mm. Since this station is part of the drive roller, a hundred percent squareness is always guaranteed. This is in contrast to other models where the deflection roller is used for this purpose, which is always slightly tilted for due to its oscillation or belt centering function. The large oscillation range of maximum 90mm/3.5" also applies to this sanding station.



There is a wide variety of options available for our edge sanding machines.