More and more of our customers choose to add brush rollers to complement their wide belt sanders to expand their range of applications by structured and profiled surfaces. In serial production, brushing lines are already very common. Kündig builds such dedicated brushing machines but also provides brushing solutions for wide belt sanders with results that are just as precise and consistent.

As precise as a Widebelt Sander

In the last years, precision requirements in structured surfaces have risen considerably. For example, parquet is rarely finished on site after installation, instead it needs to have tolerances of just tenths of millimetres from the factory in order to avoid height offset. Adjustment options comparable to a Kündig widebelt sander facilitate meeting these steep requirements.


Add-on Brush Unit

Add-on for our Premium and Brilliant series machines

Integrated Brush Unit

Integrated Brush Unit with or without oscillation for machines of our Premium, Brilliant or Technic Botop Series or as part of our Technic-Brush dedicated brushing machines.

Designated Brushing Machines

Brushing machines for craftshops and industrial purposes. Either with oscillating or non oscillating brush units.

Carousel Brush Unit

Integrated into the machine body of our Premium and Brilliant series of machines

Brushes for Sanding or Structuring

For our factory brush unit we offer a variety of brush types: Structuring Brushes equipped with different bristle types, Sanding brushes and Scotchbrite® brushes. Horsehair brushes for workpiece cleaning are also available.

Carousel Brush Bk Brush Roller Bs Brush Roller Bst Brush Roller Bsb
Carousel Unit
Sanding Disc with eccentric Oscillation
Sanding Brush Structuring Brush Roller Brush Roller with 3M Scotchbrite

Working Widths

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