Technic CNC still running strong after having sanded 3.7 million ski cores

After 16 years of continuous use in 3-shift operation at the Slovenian ski manufacturer Elan, this Kündig Technic CNC sanding machine came back to our factory for an update of its control unit. The hour counter showed 41'123 hours. At Elan, 90 ski cores are sanded in one hour. This means that in 41’123 hours, the Kündig Technic CNC has processed an incredible 3.7 million ski cores, and this is with extreme stock removal of up to 15 mm in one pass. Despite the fact that mainly the control technology received an update and many of the mechanical components were not replaced, the sanding system still meets the strict tolerance specifications of the ski manufacturer and is ready for the next 3 million skis.

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